What I’ve been reading

June 2, 2008 at 12:27 pm Leave a comment

I didn’t realize I hadn’t updated in so long–some of these books I finished what seems like ages ago. I blame my current slow reading habits on the recent addition of a Playstation 2 to my home. Specifically, my bedroom. I’m expecting three new games today (but where oh Where is my memory card?!) so the reading might slow even more. That said…

Before I Die – Quite good. I had kind of a hard time really empathizing with the main character all that much, and as a result didn’t get quite as emotional toward the end as I’d heard some folks did.

Derby Girl – I liked it, but the happy ending seemed pretty forced, and I’m a little over the teen-is-way-cooler-than-everyone-around-her storyline.

I Love You, Beth Cooper – Fantastic. No, really. I can’t quite figure out why I related to the main character so well, but I found the whole thing simultaneously absurd and utterly convincing. Hilarious. Also, I have to remember to tell the librarian when I return it that the dust jacked is taped on upside down. (That’s why she had so much trouble finding the barcode.)

Touching Snow – Also fantastic. I was drawn in immediately by the miserable home situation, and found the narrator’s voice very convincing. (The way she realizes she gets things a lot slower than her sister, the sudden excited asides to the reader…) And what’s up with so many Best Books having queer undertones/overtones? I’m not complaining, of course–I just think it’s interesting.

I Am Rembrandt’s Daughter – This one was a surprise hit with me. For someone who majored in a subject with “history” in the name, I’m remarkably resistant to all things historical. Perhaps the art theme intrigued me. Regardless, I loved it.


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What I’ve been reading What I’ve Been Reading

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