What I’ve Been Reading

July 4, 2008 at 10:05 am Leave a comment

I just picked up a Huge stack of advance reader copies at the ALA conference in Anaheim, so as soon as I finish the current pile of library books I’ll move on to just doing reviews of the ARCs. I plan to do more thorough reviews of each of those, rather than the round-up style I usually do. (Although if they suck, I might limit it to that. Look for What I’ve Been Reading: Books That Suck.)

You’ll notice that my current batch is a little younger, as a result of reading for my Children’s Literature class. (Last MLS class! Woohoo! Nothing but practicum next semester, baby!)

The Penderwicks: Truly delightful. It reminded me a lot of The Secret Garden, at least in style and the way the story seemed more or less timeless. It’s sort of an unusual sensation to be reading a fairly recent title and feel like you just finished something from a much older era. I’m looking forward to reading the sequal, which surprised me because I didn’t think I’d be that interested in anything younger than YA.

Allie Finkle’s Rules for Girls – Book #1: Moving Day: Another one read for class. I picked this up because it looked very new, and then I saw it was Meg Cabot, who’s had bestsellers for young adults. While it was a quick read and I didn’t hate it, I honestly found the narrator (Allie) pretty grating, so I don’t think I’ll be following the story. It felt like fluff to me–quick, light, a little too heavy-handed with some life lessons for a nine year old. But I can see the series appeal for reluctant readers, and this seems like the kind of series that would lead in naturally to Gossip GIrl. (Which is still fluff, but in my opinion much more addictive!)

Slam: Truly fantastic. This is the first book in a long while that’s made me just sit down and read in the middle of the day when I could be playing video games or watching a movie. I thought the Tony Hawk plot device was a little annoying, but I was able to more or less read past it at a certain point. It’s also refreshing to find a work on teen parenting from a boy’s perspective, since so many of them seem to be narrated by/aimed at girls.


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What I’ve Been Reading What I’ve Been Reading

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