Games We Play: Nintendo Gameboy

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We actually went through at least two first-generation Gameboys due to excessive wear from playing constantly. My brother and I had to grudgingly take turns, though, because we only ever had one at a time. I think we may have even convinced my mom to try Tetris at some point. (My mother is an exceptionally good sport.) I can’t really remember if we got the gameboy or the Nintendo first, but for some reason I think it was the Gameboy.

Once again I’m relying pretty heavily on Wikipedia. My parents still have our Gameboy and games somewhere, but since I don’t have them right in front of me, the internet is my friend.

Alleyway: One of the most frustrating features of many original Gameboy titles was the complete lack of any data storage. If you were playing really well and got to a really high level, well, you kinda had to just keep playing. Which is what my brother and I did often with Alleyway, as it was intensely addictive.

The Amazing Spider-Man: My brother was always much better at this one than I, and I can remember being pretty frustrated with how precisely you have to time your jumps on certain levels. I also never entirely understood why his health item was a hamburger.

Bases Loaded: I think my brother may actually have beaten this game at some point. I was sort of fond of playing using batter control, where you could be guaranteed a home run by certain players. I think if I played today I could still remember which ones should and shouldn’t steal bases.

Exodus: We never actually owned this game, but I remember borrowing for an extended period from a friend. (Possibly a church friend? It wouldn’t surprise me.) I found it incredibly addictive, and managed to completely ignore the biblical storyline.

Golf: Finally, a game with a save feature! The only catch: it’s golf.

Mortal Kombat: I also never owned Mortal Kombat for Gameboy, but someone else on my youth group trip to Disneyland in fifth grade brought along his and would very occasionally let people play, thus beginning my life-long love affair with an extremely gory game. Who knew my very fundamentalist childhood church would have such an impact on my gaming life?

Operation C: I am still incredibly unclear on the storyline behind this game. You’re sort of a Rambo character, fighting what appear to be alien insects with various kinds of enormous guns. I can remember that there were a few places to cheat your way into extra lives, by just hanging out in one spot and shooting never-ending enemies until you reached the 1UP score.

Paperboy: Paperboy was probably my favorite, and I may have been the only one in my family to ever beat it. I got to the point where I would occasionally use the strategy of delivering only one paper on Monday, so that on successive days it would be much easier to achieve a perfect delivery.

Solar Striker: Another game my brother was much better at than I. Great music, though.

Space Invaders: I have a vague memory of us buying this after we’d had the Gameboy for a while, and me never playing it.

Star Trek TNG: This was a pretty great game, although it got really hard after a certain level. I never defeated the Borg in a mission and found Romulans extremely tough.

Super Mario Land: Actually a really fun game. My brother and I really liked getting to what we called “the weird world,” which was what happened after you beat the entire game once and kept playing. The second time around there are bad guys in odd places. So weird!

Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins: A fantastic title, and thankfully one that came with three save slots. I remember borrowing this from an elementary school friend before we got our title.

Super R.C. Pro-Am: It never occurred to me until this very minute that this was supposed to be a game involving remote-control cars, but of course that’s what R.C. stands for. A great title, but kind of annoying to try to find all the parts on every level.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Fall of the Foot Clan: This was one of the better Gameboy titles, in my opinion. Decent graphics, good music, and gameplay that’s challenging but easy enough to beat without wanting to murder someone.

Tetris: My brother is insanely good at Tetris. I was occasionally sort of good, but he is superhuman.


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