What I’ve Been Reading

September 23, 2008 at 6:08 pm Leave a comment

Yet another problem with not having my own laptop (hopefully just for a few more days!): I’ve been reading so much that I keep forgetting all the titles I’ve read.

American Born Chinese: Fantastic. The Sig Fig even stole it when I left it sitting in the living room, and was desperate to finish it instead of her homework. I was expecting to like this one since it’s spoken so highly of, and by people I like, so I’m glad it lived up to the hype. I’d be really curious to hear reactions from teen readers.

The Big Splash: What’s up with me randomly reading books about young detectives? Again, really didn’t think I’d like the whole precocious-boy-as-hard-boiled-investigator angle, but once again I was pleasantly surprised. I’d love to follow the character through elementary school. What was particularly touching were those descriptions of “first like.”

Empress of the World: Someone checked this out of my library and I excitedly went, “Oh, I know her!” …No reaction. Well, whatever, *I* think that’s cool. Anyway I checked it out myself and read it in a sitting, and found it delightful if a bit anti-climactic. Oh, those high school lesbian romances…

Getting It: I only knew of the author from the whole Rainbow Boys deal (none of which I’ve read, but it seems my library just got a bunch of them), and I’ll be honest–the cover drew me in. (I do find it weird that our hard and paperback copies have different guys on the front.) I thought it was a pretty touching little story about growing up and facing your own feelings. I will say I was put off by the little Spanish glossary in the back, and I suspect teens might be too. (But maybe I’m wrong. Who knows.)

Push: I really enjoyed this one, but by the end things were getting pretty repetitive so I more or less skimmed. It was refreshing to see all the phonetic spellings (which can be disastrous in the hands of some authors) and watch the narrator’s writing improve steadily.

Junie B. Jones, Cheater Pants: I actually wrote this while I was waiting for things to load on a really slow internet connection. (Or possibly just WilsonWeb gasping and wheezing, as usual. Who can say?) No doubt a lot of people make connections with Beverly Cleary and Ramona, which is fair enough. I wouldn’t mind reading more about Junie B., although I do generally like my books to take longer the twenty minutes to read.


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What I’ve Been Reading What I’ve Been Reading

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