What I’ve Been Reading

January 11, 2009 at 7:42 pm Leave a comment

Actually, I haven’t been reading that much lately. I was doing a lot of sewing before Christmas to finish up my mom’s present, and then my dad bought a Wii, so that was most of what I did during the break. But I go back to my job with the longer subway commute soon, so I predict I’ll be doing a lot more reading.

I also finally migrated all of my tags from the old site, so I think they’re all complete. Henceforth, all of my book and library posts will be here. Huzzah! You might also be interested in my latest YALSA blog post, breaking down the results of some recent studies on teens, technology and risky behaviors.

Fugitive Days: After catching part of the Fresh Air interview with Bill Ayers, I really wanted to learn a bit more about him and the Weather Underground in general. I find it interesting that we all but forgot about “domestic terrorism” after September 11th, since pre-9/11 we were largely focused on groups like the ELF. So for Obama’s opponents to bring up “terrorism” again as a domestic issue… well, anyway, that’s why I read the book. I was pretty disappointed, though, since I was interested in more substantive discussion of SDS and the Weathermen and less… flowery prose and ego.


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What I’ve Been Reading Hero Journey

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