What I’ve Been Reading

February 7, 2009 at 3:12 pm Leave a comment

You know what’s less than awesome? Spending three hours every day commuting. You know what’s even less awesome? When the reason for that commute is going back and forth between The Perfect Job and The Lousy Job That Pays Less. The only good part about all this commuting is that I’m getting a lot of reading done.

(Oh, and also? The Boston Public Schools Superintendent has called for at least 900 jobs to be cut, included 403 teacher positions. What a great time to be looking for work!)

Sexing the Body: I started to read this because someone had mentioned it on a feminist blog thread somewhere… and I just couldn’t do it. I think I was still feeling overstimulated from traveling and the aforementioned two jobs, so I had to return it. Hopefully at some point when I’m feeling more academic again I can pick it back up.

A Map of Home: Obviously the year is barely underway, but so far this is the best book I’ve read all year. I don’t know if I would put it on top of Little Brother or My Most Excellent Year, which topped my list for 2008, but I still give it extremely high marks. One of the things that impressed me the most was Jarrar’s ability to change writing styles to keep up with Nidali’s changing life.

Scott Pilgrim vol. 1: So it turns out I have extremely specific standards when it comes to graphic novels, which is probably why I’ve never been able to get into manga–the artwork bothers me too much. And Scott Pilgrim teeters on the edge of manga at times, in my opinion, what with the exaggerated emotional responses from some characters. Luckily I’m totally hooked on the storyline, so I’ll be going back for more. (Side note: how annoying is it that you can’t personally request anything from the BPL catalog if it’s in a series? I requested this and ended up with volume 7, so my branch librarian had to go in and redo the request for me. She said it’s that way for anything with multiple volumes within the same record. Dumb.)

Living Dead Girl: I read this more or less at the request of a friend, who wanted my opinion. I knew she didn’t like it, which may have biased me going in when I sat down to read it this morning (after waiting a long time to get to the top of the hold queue). An hour later, I really wished I’d never heard of this damn book. I don’t think I’ve ever read anything more needlessly depressing. I say “needlessly” because a lot of my favorite books are actually pretty depressing–Carson McCullers is my favorite author, and that woman can do sad. I’ve also read books with similar subject matter–say, Boy Toy, or Fall on Your Knees–and still come out of the experience feeling like I gained something.

I think the missing element here is hope. I found this just a thoroughly disturbing and fairly graphic book where terrible things happen over and over, and the end is just as hopeless as the beginning.

I feel like I need a shower now or something.


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What I’ve Been Reading Sex::Tech 2009

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