What I’ve Been Reading

March 27, 2009 at 1:31 pm Leave a comment

The Fire and the Light: Somehow my boss ended up with a copy of this (not a galley, since the copyright is 2006, but I’d assumed it was an advanced copy since I found some typos) and thought I might be interested in reading it. Since the enormous stack of books on my bedroom floor just isn’t tall enough, I decided to read it. I was skeptical at first–I’ve never been a huge fan of fantasy (at least not of the funny-mystical-names-of-lands-and-maybe-there-are-elves variety), much less fantasy specifically geared toward a YA audience–but I found myself unable to put it down. The bad news? No one seems to have the other books in the series. Um. Do they exist? Because this is just a big ol’ cliffhanger.

Sophomore Undercover: This one’s from my galley pile (Denver, not Anaheim, though there are definitely still a few Anaheim holdouts in there) and I was tempted not to finish it, but I brought it along with me to San Francisco. It’s kind of a long flight if you give up on your plane reading. I’m more than a little over the precocious teen/tween as detective genre, and I was also bothered by the way random homophobia was thrown into the mix without comment. I’m aware that huge swaths of the population are homophobic, and I’m also aware that for many boys adolescence means having normative masculinity teased and harassed and beaten into you. But it would be nice for a book that includes that gauntlet to maybe also comment on how shitty it is.

Rainbow High: …Then again, move too far in the opposite direction, and you’re in an Alex Sanchez book. Don’t get me wrong–I enjoyed reading this, as I have some of his other work, but I always get the feeling that I’m reading an after-school special. Much of it feels very forced. I also find his kissing/sex scenes really awkwardly written.

Girlfriend Material: More from the Denver pile. This one I couldn’t put down, and I still can’t really figure out why–I never would’ve figured me for a summer-fling-chick-lit lover, but there you go. I will say that I’m a little tired of Quirky Heroines. Particularly when they’re not all that quirky–no way! She reads books! And she met a good looking boy who also reads books! (Very Rory-meets-Jess, minus the bad boy part.)


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