What I’ve Been Reading

April 19, 2009 at 6:33 pm Leave a comment

The only benefit to having four books running at once: sometimes you finish them all in the same day, and it’s a very satisfying feeling.

Elsewhere, U.S.A.: Okay, I lied–this one I didn’t finish. I got about halfway through and then decided I was bored and didn’t need to keep reading. The ability to do this is still very new for me, and I suspect I’ll still be reading much more of boring books than I need to for quite some time. Conley strings together some interesting things–air conditioning, women in the workforce, the blending of work and leisure–but it just wasn’t wowing me.

Live Through This: Another one I heard first on This American Life. Interesting to read about teen runaways from a mother’s perspective, and part of me hopes the daughters write their own memoirs as well. But part of me had a hard time reading this, too.

Alex & Me: I vaguely remember hearing about Alex the parrot in some other context–a psychology class, perhaps?–but more recently he was mentioned in one of Temple Grandin’s books, and I decided to read more. A warning to those other emotional readers out there: the book opens with Alex’s death. If you don’t want to end up tearing up on the T like I did, maybe save this one for an at-home read.

Out of the Ordinary: When I heard Jon Ronson on This American Life (are we sensing a theme to the books I request from the library?) it didn’t immediately click that he had also written Them: Adventures with Extremists and The Men Who Stare At Goats, both of which I read (with great delight) while I was working circulation at my undergrad library. This is a much different read–more personal, more funny, sometimes more touching.


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What I’ve Been Reading Upcoming HGSE Event

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