New Librarian on the Block

September 23, 2009 at 7:53 am Leave a comment

Hey, remember when I used to blog? Yeah, me neither.

Things I’ve learned since starting my new job:

1. Working in front of a computer all day makes me hate my laptop. This is a new feeling for me. It’s hurting my blogging, sure, but it’s helping out my resolve to leave work at work. (I wish I could say I was using all that time I used to spend in front of my laptop on, say, tons of writing or reading or gourmet cookery… but I also recently bought cable for the first time. I heart On Demand.)

2. Great teaching theory sometimes goes out the window. I remember watching teachers (including school librarians) interact with students while I was a practicum student or an intern and thinking, “Oh, I’d never do that.” Yesterday I found myself not once but twice having slightly touchy conversations with students in front of their peers–not busting their chops hardcore, but still talking to them about rules and respect in a way that probably could have been handled better in a more private setting.

3. It’s really important to smile and nod. I don’t know very many people here yet, so I’m very aware that I don’t know much about the culture of the students or faculty. I know eventually I’m not going to be best buddies with everybody here, so initially it’s important to just keep my mouth shut and pay attention.

4. If you display it, they will come. Within minutes of putting up my first display I had books circulating. And these aren’t even the new, shiny books I ordered this summer. Over and over again I hear students walking by the displays saying, “Wait, we have books now?” And they always did, but apparently I’m showing them off in a new way.

5. Suburban kids take much longer than their inner-city counterparts to ask me about my lip ring. It took three weeks here.


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